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Advanced Dyno Station software

The beating heart of all Dynostar chassis dynamometers is the Advanced Dyno Station software package. The extensive software package enables you to configure and use your Dynostar chassis dynamometer easily and analyze the results professionally.

Download manual here Download software here

Advanced Dyno Station consists of three main screens, from which the entire program is controlled:



In this screen you will build a database with the history of all your measurements. The database consists of 5 folders and is designed in such a way that runs are stored in a ordered manner. Upon request it’s even possible to change the name of each folder. The standard folders in the database are; Brand, Type, Model year, Customer/vehicle ID and Measurements.



The Measurements screen, is the main testing screen. In this screen all live data is displayed and tests are performed. The screen is centered around two large gauges. These gauges can show the engine RPM, vehicle speed, power, torque, road load and wheel force.

The left gauge has a double function and is also used for retarder control. While the yellow dial represents the vehicle, the red dial represents the current position of the dyno. By using the knob on the Dynostar remote control or the scroll wheel on the keyboard, the brake can be controlled.



The graphics screen is used to view and evaluate test data. It can be used to view wheel power, engine power and driveline losses. All measurements stored in the database can be loaded into the graph so they can be compared. Besides te power figures of the vehicle sensor data can also be displayed in a graph.

Various other graphs are also available to determine acceleration, slip and even a dedicated graph for electric vehicles.


Fast and clear testing!

In Advanced Dyno Station four different testing modes are available: Dynamic, Dynamic A/T, Static and Transient.This will allow you to test every aspect of the vehicles you are running and maximize their potential.

Load control is easy with all of these testing modes. For dynamic tests the retarder load (if required) can be set when setting up the run. If you are not sure what amount of load you would like to use, our transient test is the answer. This is also sometimes known as a sweep test. You can set the desired test duration and the software will handle the retarder control automatically.

For static tests, just set the amount of points and the range you would like to test. The retarder will be controlled automatically to hold the vehicle at the various testing points. After each test the results are displayed in the graph screen. It is even possible to use our live plot function to see the graph rising as you are performing a test.


New features in ADS version 8

  • Improved layout – All parts of ADS have been revised to be more clear and user friendly.
  • Transient testing – Acceleration controlled test with dynamic retarder load to supply appropriate load throughout the RPM range.
  • Live plots – Performance graph will be drawn while you are accelerating.
  • Improved database – Integration of a “Model year” folder to allow for better organization of test data.
  • Vehicle inertia calculator – Allows you to correct power deviations caused by vehicle driveline inertia.
  • Expandable sensor data graph – The sensor data graph (AFR, EGT, etc.) can now be expanded for more detailed analysis and tuning.
  • EV modus – Especially designed to test electric vehicles in combination with our EV module.
  • Integration of QLB and Engine RPM software as well as integrated online support.
  • EOBD integration coming soon!


Customize to your requirements

Various languages, measurement systems and correction factors can be selected in the Advanced Dyno Station software. This allows users from around the world to customize the software to their preferences.


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Taiwanese)
  • Greek

Measurement systems

  • Metric
  • Imperial
  • Metric with mph

Power annotation

  • bhp
  • kw
  • DIN hp

Correction factors

  • DIN
  • SAE
  • EEC/EWG 


System requirements

  • Intel i5 processor (comparable) or better
  • 8GB RAM / internal memory
  • Windows 10 operating system recommended (minimum Windows 7)
  • Minimum 500MB available for installation (excluding database)
  • Video card 250MB or higher
  • RS232 serial port or USB port with USB/RS232 converter
  • Minimum screen resolution 1920x1080


Download manual here Download software here