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Dynostar PCU


A new development from Dynostar, the Power Cockpit Unit. This PCU is all you need for running engines on an engine test bed. Equipped with 2x 45L fuel tanks, intank fuel pumps with a capacity of 160L @ 4 bar, adjustable fuel pressure regulators, automatic shut off valves in case of emergency and a digital read out for fuel pressure and fuel level! Because the system is made of stainless steel, fuels like E85, diesel or petrol are no problem for the PCU.

Starting the engine?! No problem, a 12V, 71 Ah, 670 CCA is delivering enough power for most engines. All controlled by a key operated ignition switch.

Running the engine?! The PCU is equipped with manual or electrical throttle control, warning lights for oil pressure, generator and MIL and glow system. An emergency button shuts down all operating systems in case of emergency.

Controlling the dyno?! With a built in lockable cabinet, a PC and our DAS operating system, which can be simply integrated in the PCU making it a complete work station for engine testing.


Standard hardware features:

  • Two removable fuel supply systems. Capacity 45L, 160L/h @ 4 Bar
  • Fuel cut-off valve
  • Drip tray for fuel 
  • Drain plugs
  • Starter battery 12V, 71Ah, 670 CCA
  • Control lights
  • Digital fuel level and pressure gauges 
  • USB port 
  • Remote control plug-in port
  • 230 V outlet e.g. for laptops 
  • Emergency stop
  • Ignition switch
  • 13 pin connector for engine control
  • Main power supply connector 


Optional features:

  • Electronic throttle control
  • PC with single or dual monitor 
  • Double load cell for specific fuel consumption 

Technical specifications PCU

Dimensions (lxwxh):  855x 1075x 1225 [mm]
Height worktop:  1110 [mm]
Fuel capacity:  45 [L] per tank
Fuels:  Gasoline, diesel, methanol, E85 
Flow pump:  160 [L/h] @ 4 bar 
Power requirements:   230 [v]