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///Dynostar ETB400 Triple inertia

Dynostar ETB400


Not only is the ETB400 specially designed for the kart tuner but also is a good engine test bed for those who work with Enduro and MX engines. It can perform dynamic tests as well as the classic static tests. Working with this versatile dynamometer you have the option to check the engine performance, its carboration, airbox and exhaust, develop fuel maps, optimize the air intake circuit or redesign your exhaust.



Other nice features are the large volume of temperature controlled coolant, a 12VDC starter motor with automatically charged 12V battery, a flywheel with 3 different inertia options, sequential dynamic testing with automatic throttle control, lambda and exhaust gas temperature monitoring. If you choose to have 60 degree Celsius coolant temperature it will stay that during all tests. You can start each engine with one 'Push on the button'. Choose the best inertia to fit your engine. Repeatedly make tests to ensure consistency in your engine performance. Whenever using a two-stroke engine use the exhaust gas temperature as a trigger to start each test run automatically.

Everything is fitted inside the very heavy chassis. All the rotating dyno parts are well balanced, this why there will hardly be any vibration noticed. Behind the test bed we provide an exhaust gas funnel which you need to connect to the extraction system.

The Dynostar ETB400 Ti dashboard is complete. Provided with items like: emergency brake, coolant pump control, coolant temperature control, dyno control and starter key. A wiring harness for each engine should be made and connected to the terminal block so you are ready to go.  

The kart engine we provide the has a twin bar mounting from 30 x 90 mm or 32 x 92 mm. Other specific engine mounts are possible on request. Select a sprockets and chain setup to connect to the dyno axle. Connect the engine wiring to the terminal block. Connect the throttle cable after choosing manual or automated throttle control. Connect fuel from your own fuel supply. In your exhaust you can put a lambda sensor and a temperature sensor from which the data is shown in the graphs afterwards. Even gear shifting and clutch control are provided with this dyno. 

Due to the ETB400 Ti has consistent results what makes it possible to find even the smallest improvement from your engine tuning!

Standard hardware features:

  • DAS Data Acquisition System
  • Advanced Dyno Station Software package
  • Single AFR module
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • RS232 cable
  • Calibration weight
  • Instructions
  • CE marking
  • Emergency brake with Red warning light
  • EMC filter

Standard software features:

  • Static power measurement
  • Dynamic power measurement: Roll on, Negative test, All gear, Variable transmission, 
    Fast acceleration, Multiple speed
  • Weather station
  • Power correction to DIN, EEC and SAE standard
  • Automatic or manual braking after completing dynamic test
  • Real time display of engine speed, power and torque in software
  • Simulation of roller and air resistances for simulating situations on the road
  • Automatic multiple dynamic test runs with throttle control


Technical specifications ETB400:

Weight:   400 [kg]
Dimensions (lxwxh):   ----- [m]
Power requirements:   230V [V]
Air requirements:   6 [bar]
Max. static power:   58 [Hp]
Max. dynamic power:   160 [Hp]
Number of inertia:   3
Inertia #1   2.68 [kg/m2]
Inertia #2   3.91 [kg/m2]
Inertia #3   5.14 [kg/m2]