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Dynostar ETB76


This heavy duty model ETB76, is a powerful industrial engine dynamometer suited for all engines in the industry. Built for the most demanding, high power, high speed, superior materials and quality. With various options such as testing engine performance, development and tuning. This versatile dyno is an asset for your workshop. Everything is fitted inside a very robust and sturdy chassis with all rotating dyno parts well-balanced. 

The maximum power to be absorbed is 1250 kW and the maximum rpm of the dynamometer is 5000 rpm. This makes the dynamometer ideal for testing high revving engines.

The Dynostar ETB76 will be delivered with an integrated cooling system for the retarders. All to make sure the dyno can deliver the performance that it is meant for. Equipped with a stand alone engine testbed ans separate engine mounting pallet, engines can be assembled outside the test cell and fitted easily into the engine testbed.

Optionally Dynostar can design a customized testcell. With years of experience we can design and construct a bespoke test cell, equipped with all that’s necessary to create a healthy atmosphere in- and outside. As each test cell is unique, we always design it based on the demands and wishes of our customers. 

Standard hardware features:

  • DAS Data Acquisition System
  • Dyno Software Package
  • Junction Box inc. 37-pin cable (length 7.5 m)
  • 12-pin cable (length 2 m)
  • Linear motor to control throttle valve
  • Calibration weight
  • Remote control
  • Operating instructions
  • CE marking
  • Universal coupling


Standard software features:

  • Static power measurement
  • Weather station
  • Power correction to DIN standard
  • Real time display of engine speed, power and torque
  • Automatic and semi-automatic test cycles
  • Long-term test
  • Datalogging system, read-out facilities for several sensors
  • Option of entering original power graph manually as reference


Product specifications Dynostar ETB76

Weight:  1950 [kg]
Dimensions (lxwxh):  3500 x 1175 x 1370 [m]
Max. consumed current:  45 A (2x 22.5A)
Power requirements:  3x 400 [V] + N + PE, 32A
Max. RPM:  5000
Total inertia:  10,6 [kgm2]
Max. power cold:  1250 [kW]
Max. power continuous:   650 kW
Max. torque cold:  7600 Nm
Max. torque continuous:   2900 Nm
Retarder disconnectable:  Yes, rear retarder

Cooling systems specifications

Fan/duct diameter  2x 560 [mm]
Max. airflow  50580 [m3/h]
Max. power output:  15 [kW] (2 x 7.5 kW)
Power requirements:  400 [V]
Frequency controller:  Yes, standard with speed control