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DAS Hardware


All Dynostar roller chassis dynamometers are fitted with the Dynostar DAS Data Acquisition System developed in-house. The Dynostar DAS system can be regarded as the beating heart of all Dynostar dynamometers. The system is particularly user-friendly, and also universally applicable. The Dynostar DAS system provides the control and display of the Dynostar dynamometers. Different parameters can be read via the DAS system, such as turbo pressure, throttle valve position, various temperatures and air/fuel ratio. All these measured values are collected in the Dynostar Junction Box and passed to the DAS system via a single cable. 

The DAS system is also fitted with an integrated weather station.


The DAS Integrated, the same as our Mini Data Acquisition System with RPM and Lambda integrated inside.

Our MiniDAS data acquisition.


We also have various accessoiries available.