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Dynostar Model 2SP

Model 2SP, Hardware

The Dynostar Model 2SP is a unique, portable roller chassis dynamometer, designed for testing mopeds and scooters.

The dynamometer is robustly as it is constructed with a 10mm thick aluminium housing. In this housing, all parts such as roller pair, eddy-current brake, load cell, and rpm sensor are integrated. Mounting any bike on the dynamometer is easy. The Dynostar Model 2SP is equipped with 2 rollers.
The rear roller is adjustable, enabling the testing of scooters and mopeds with different wheel diameters. The electronics are integrated in a shock free and waterproof

The Dynostar Model 2SP can be seen as a very functional dynamometer. The dynamometer can be set up, used and then stored away again all within a relatively short period of time. With its telescopic handle, wheels and the low total weight of only 50Kg, only one person is needed to move the dyno.

Testing scooters and mopeds on the dyno can be completed in less then 15 seconds – it is that simple! Air and rolling resistance are simulated by the electronics, this means that the police officer doesn’t need to sit on the vehicle during testing. Deviation in the tyre pressure has no influence on the measurement either, so the dyno is absolutely fool proof!

special ramp is provided which serves two purposes. It ensures alignment on the rollers and it clamps the front wheel for safety.

Model 2SP, the software

All measurements can be done in a user-friendly way. The dyno comes with a portable, shock resistant and waterproof case in which all electronics are integrated as standard. The electronics can easily be connected with any PC or laptop on which the accompanying software can be installed. All measured values can be read out in real time through the software. The software also allows generating a printout of the measured values. Moreover, all data can be stored in a database.

Technical specifications:

  • Max. power: 25 KW (34Hp)
  • Max. speed rear wheel: 110 mph
  • Roller diameter: 140 mm
  • Total weight: 50 Kg
  • Incl. integrated telescopic handle and special wheel construction for easy transportation
  • 2 handles on the side for easy lifting
  • Mains supply cable has strain relief fitting
  • Portable, shock resistant and water proof case with integrated LCD display to show maximum speed
  • LED display to show maximum speed integrated in case cover
  • Foot switch and indicator light for resetting dyno
  • Special front ramp for alignment on rollers and incl. wheelclamp
  • Dimensions: 50x40x20 in cm. (lxwxh) length with ramps: 264 cm
  • Power supply: 230 Volt / 1 phase / 11 amps
    12v battery adapter also supplied
  • CE marking, calibration certificate Dutch National Institute for measures and weights

Maintenance free product

The Dynostar Model 2SP is a maintenance free product. The dyno has been equipped with high quality bearings and thanks to the application of the eddy-current retarder there will be no “wear and tear” to the brake.

Proven quality

The Dynostar Model 2SP has already proven its qualities. 233 units have been sold to the Dutch police and 21 units have been sold to the RDW (Dutch ministry for road transportation).

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