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//G-stone gear

G-stone gear

The accuracy of testing results is better than other brands


With the various testing options, we can collect lots of data and become more precise in developing. With the function of fixed starting point for tests, we can begin tests right from the same spot, which is very convenient for comparison. With triple-inertia roller, we can alter different inertia according to the power of testing vehicles, which helps the test results become more precise. The test type of ALL GEAR is in particular helpful for our company in developing and analyzing the performance of motorcycle sprockets & transmission gears. 


We have the needs to test and develop motorcycle transmission system. The dyno provides a variety of testing options, we would recommand Dynostar's service because of its quality and accuracy.

~ G-stone gear Taiwan 

Owner of a D70 and D70Ti

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  • D70 at G-Stone
  • D70 at G-Stone
  • D70 at G-Stone