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///Dynostar ECB6600

Dynostar ECB6600


With the Dynostar Model ECB6600 engine block dynamometer, test programs can be run on overhauled engines quickly and efficiently. The engine block is attached directly to the machine in a wear-resistant manner, by connecting the cardan shaft directly to the dynamometer. This avoids drive line losses and means that different tests can be reproduced easily. 

The Dynostar Model ECB6600 has 2 integral air-cooled retarders. The maximum power to be absorbed therefore is 1235 kW.

Thanks to a unique coupling system where both brakes can be engaged and disengaged easily, the dynamometer is also ideal for testing lighter engines. The ECB6600 from Dynostar can justifiably be called an all-duty dynamometer.

Overhauled engines can easily be started on the test bed using the integral starter. A fan system using forced air cooling ensures that the dynamometer can absorb continuous power up to 500 kW.

Standard hardware features:

  • DAS Data Acquisition System
  • Dyno Software Package
  • Junction Box including 37-pin cable
  • 12-pin cable
  • Linear motor to control throttle valve
  • Calibration weight
  • Remote control
  • Operating instructions
  • CE marking
  • Universal coupling

Standard software features:

  • Static power measurement
  • Weather station
  • Power correction to DIN standard
  • Real time display of engine speed, power and torque
  • Automatic and semi-automatic test cycles
  • Long-term test
  • Datalogging system, read-out facilities for several sensors
  • Option of entering original power graph manually as reference
Weight: 1265 [kg]  2788,8 [lbs]
Dimensions (lxwxh): 2,5 x 1,0 x 1,4 [m]  99x39x55 [inch]
Power requirements: 230 [V]  
Max. consumed power: 21,5 [A]  
Air requirements: N/A  
Max. rpm: 3600  
Total inertia: 8,1 [kg/m2]  
Max. power cold: 1237 [kW] 1660 [Hp]
Max. power continuously: 516 [kW] 693 [Hp]
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