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Second hand RC3300 AWD

Second hand Dynostar RC3300 AWD

This dyno is an above ground model installed 2020. It is barely used and in a very good shape! Including a Dynostar cooling fan and exhaust gas extraction.

With an adjustable wheelbase from 2 meters up to 3,5 meters and a max track width of 2100mm this reliable dynamometer is suitable for testing a wide range of cars, even two-wheel drive vehicles with ABS, ESP or ASR. In combination with our in-house developed ADS software it’s an ideal platform for tuning, testing and diagnosis. 

This dynamometer is capable to absorb power up to 620 kW for brief periods and over 260 kW continuously, all because of the air-cooled retarder (3300 Nm). With grooved rollers and tungsten carbide we can offer optimum grip.