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Maha LPS3000


After stripping and cleaning this Dynamometer it is fully transformed and refurbished. With a fresh layer of powder coating  and paint the Maha LPS3000 looks like a totally new dynamometer. We can guarantee optimum grip because the rollers are treated with a tungsten carbide coating. 

Of course this dynamometer is also equipped with our ADS-software and data acquisition system set up. With all parts aligned and carefully checked we can guarantee you a high-quality and reliable Dynamometer. 

The newly refurbished Maha LPS3000 is immediately available. Including 1 year warranty. 


  Dimensions (lxwxh): 3,33x1,10x0,89 [m]
  Power requirements:  240 [V]
  Air requirements:  6  [bar]
  Max. speed:  250 [kmh]
  Drum width:  750 [mm]
  Drum diameter:  0,318 [m]
  Number of drums:  4
  Min. track:  0,82 [m]
  Max. track:  2,32 [m]
  Total inertia:  8,5 [kgm2]
  Max. axle load:  1500 [kg]
  Equivalent vehicle mass:  332 [kg]
  Max. dynamic power:   400 [kW]
  Max. static power cold:   320 [kW]
  Max. static power continuous:  150 [kW]



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