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///Dynostar D70Ti

Dynostar D70 Triple inertia

A true R&D dyno for the motorcycle market.

The Dynostar D70 Ti is basiccally the same dyno as the D70. The big difference is that this roller has two detachable flywheels that can be disconnected from the main flywheel to reduce its inertia figure. When perfoming a drive cycle test or doing static tests this smaller inertia allows more accurate testing. Also working with smaller vehicles, like a 50cc scooter, will be much more pleasant this way.

D70Ti EMU Ltd Japan Exploded view Triple inertia
Single inertia #1: 7.280 [kg/m2]
Dual inertia #2: 11.150 [kg/m2]
Triple inertia #3: 15.090 [kg/m2]
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