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///Dynostar D50

Dynostar D50

Modular medium size Dyno: The D50i and D50ECB

Whether you would like to tune or perform diagnostics on light motorcycles and scooters, the Dynostar D50 models makes your dreams come true. Our slogan for the Dynostar D50 is: “Low budget, High performance.”

The D50-series is the latest development performed by Dynostar, although the first dynamometer to be entirely modular. According to your specific wishes and desires, you can add several modules to the standard configuration

D50ECB proto type

According to your specific working area, Dynostar will provide the perfect solution with the D50 model. The Dynostar D50- series will be provided in two main versions: D50i and D50ECB.

The D50i is a scooter and small motorcycle dynamometer which applies the inertia principle. The standard drum, which has already got a relatively high inertia, can easily be upgraded with a supplementary disc, in order to increase the inertia. For the first time in history, this option makes part of the standard equipment!

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to perform tests on various vehicles, and not be limited to a small part of the entire motorcycle market. Motorcycles and scooters up to 150Hp can easily be tested on the Dynostar model D50. 

The D50ECB is the D50 type which has already got the eddy current brake in its standard equipment. Nevertheless, this eddy current brake can always be added afterwards, according to your specific needs at that moment, thanks to the modular principle exploited by the Dynostar model D50. The D50ECB can test vehicles up to 160Hp. 

For both the models D50i and D50ECB, the ramp and front wheel adjustment are also standard features. Many reputable companies in the trade, including 6-times World Champion Ten Kate Honda, have already discovered the quality of the Dynostar products. 

Standard hardware features:

  • MiniDAS Data Acquisition System
  • Advanced Dyno Station Software package
  • RS232 cable (length 3 m)
  • Calibration weight (D50ECB only)
  • Remote control (length 2.5 m)
  • Straps (2 pcs)
  • Instructions
  • CE marking
  • Emergency brake
  • EMC filter

Standard software features:

  • Static power measurement (D50ECB only)
  • Dynamic power measurement: Roll on, Negative test, All gear, Variable transmission, 
    Fast acceleration, Multiple speed
  • Acceleration test
  • Speedometer test
  • Weather station
  • Power correction to DIN, EEC and SAE standard
  • Automatic braking after completing dynamic test (D50ECB only)
  • Real time display of engine speed, power, traction and vehicle speed in software
  • Simulation of roller and air resistances for simulating situations on the road
  • Automatic calculation of losses in the drive line and calculation of power at crankshaft
Motorcycle dynamometers

Model D50ECB specifications:

Weight: 400 [kg] 882 [lbs]
Dimensions (lxwxh): 2,21 x 0,89 x 0,75 [m] 56 x 35 x 29,5 [inch]
Power requirements: 230 [V] 110 [V]
Air requirements: 6 [bar] 6 [bar]
Max. speed: 300 [kmh] 186 [mph]
Drum width: 0,25 [m] 9,8 [inch]
Drum diameter: 0,39 [m] 15,4 [inch]
Total mass inertia: 4,7 [kg/m²]  
Equivalent vehicle mass: 124 [kg] 273 [lbs]
Max. dynamic power: 120 [kW] 160 [Hp]
Max. static power cold: 120 [kW] 160 [Hp]

Maxstatic power continuous:

43 [kW]

58 [Hp]

Model D50i specifications:

Weight: 300 [kg] 661 [lbs]
Dimensions (lxwxh): 2,21 x 0,62 x 0,75 [m] 56 x 24,5 x 29,5 [inch]
Power requirements: 230 [V] 110 [V]
Air requirements: 6 [bar] 6 [bar]
Max. speed: 300 [kmh] 185 [mph]
Drum width: 0,25 [m] 9,8 [inch]
Drum diameter: 0,39 [m] 15,4 [inch]
Total mass inertia: 4,43 [kg/m²]  
Equivalent vehicle mass: 117 [kg] 257 [lbs]
Max. dynamic power: 120 [kW] 160 [Hp]
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