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//Two recently reconditioned dynamometers!

Two recently reconditioned dynamometers!


Two recently reconditioned dynamometers!


The Bosch LPS002 are equipped with a fresh layer of powder coating. We can guarantee optimum grip because the rollers are treated with tungsten carbide. Of course the dynamometers are also equipped with our ADS-software and data acquisition system set up. The Bosch LPS002's have a Dynostar upgrade kit installed which exists out of a drum speed sensor, retarder controls and our DAS integrated system with RPM module and Lambda module. 

Also available in a package deal!

Which Includes:
- Our recently reconditioned Bosch LPS002
- A integrated DAS upgrade kit (incl. RPM Module single AFR)
- A Dynostar Cooling fan C605 (4kW)
- Exhaust gas extraction motor 5050m3/h
- Exhaust gas extraction system; stand, nozzle and hose.

We have two of reconditioned Bosch LPS002's directly available!


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