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///Dynostar 2SP

Dynostar 2SP


Being sold with 233 units to the dutch police and 21 units to the RDW (dutch ministry for road transportation) the 2SP has proven its quality.

The 2SP is functional and easy to work with, all parts such as roller pair, eddy-current brake, load cell and rpm sensor are integrated in an 8 mm thick aluminum housing. The electronics are integrated in a shock free and waterproof suitcase and with its weight of only 50 kg it is manageable by just one person. 

The Dynostar Model 2SP is equipped with 2 rollers. The rear roller is adjustable, enabling the testing of scooters and mopeds with different wheel diameters. Air and rolling resistance are simulated by the electronics. Deviation in the tire pressure has no influence on the measurement either. A special ramp is provided which has two purposes.

Weight: 48,7 [kg] 107,4 [lbs] 
Dimensions (lxwxh): 0,55x0,4x0,23 [m]  21,6x15x8,8 [inch]
Power requirements: 230 [V]  
Max. consumed current: 12 [A]  
Max. speed: 200 [km/h] 124,3 [mph]
Drum diameter: 0.14 [m] 5,5 [inch]
Width diameter: 0,21 [m] 8,3 [inch]
Number of drums: 2  
Equiv. vehicle mass: 89,8 [kg] 197,9 [lbs]
Max. static power cold: 62,8 [Kw] 84,2 [Hp]
Max. static power continuous:  14,6 [kW] 19,6 [Hp]

Maintenance free product

The Dynostar Model 2SP is a maintenance free product.
The dyno has been equipped with high quality bearings and thanks to the application of the eddy-current retarder there will be no “wear and tear” to the brake.

Do you want to get acquainted with the advantages of the Dynostar Model 2SP? Contact your nearest Dynostar representative for a demonstration!


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