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Cooling fan 1

Cooling fan #1

In house developed prop fan with a perfect rectangular shaped wind output. This fan provides up to 200 km/h of wind and also had enough pressure to through the radiator and engine compartment of a car. You can select several e-motors to match you workshop power availability, starting from 4 kW and up to 7,5 kW.

Also we have the option to use a frequency controller that is managed in our ADS software to vary the airspeed in several ways.

Cooling fan #1



Weight: ----- [kg]  
Dimensions (lxwxh): ----- [m]  
Power requirements: 380 [V] 16 [A]
Max. Power output: 4 [kW]  
Max. wind speed: 200 [kmh] ----- [kmh]
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