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//Dynostar Dyno room

Dyno room

Dynostar can provide a complete dyno room that meets your demands!

With not just a dyno in the corner you have it all. All that noise while testing for example. If you like to finish off the dyno project a complete dyno room would be it. And we can provide it. In house designed, affordable and perfect as we speak of functionality.

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We do not deliver the ultimate silencing panels. Why? You do not need that in your workshop. Testing a vehicle inside and outside listening to a violinist is not what we aim for. We just want to reduce as much noise as nesecarry to work under normal workshop circumstances. And that saves you some serious budget compared with other sound reducing specialists.

We do not move boxes. We design your dyno room here at Dynostar! And we make it complete as well. Lightning, electricity, LAN, compressed air, and whatever more you wish will be present upon delivery. Items like room ventilation, which is very important of course, and exhaust gas extraction systems. 

We sit together and after an hour or so we have an idea of your wishes. A 3D design with quotation will be ready after one week. If you like it we start producing it. Turn key solution as they say...