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Dyno software


Dyno Software package for engine block dynamometers 

The heart of all Dynostar dynamometers is our own DAS Data Acquisition System. Dynostar has developed the Dyno software package specially for overhaul purposes. 

The Dyno software package is available for all Dynostar engine block dynamometers and can be used as an engine dyno upgrade kit to enhance your existing dynamometer. So for a modest investment, your existing dynamometer can be given a new lease of life! 

In this option, the existing electronics and software of the dynamometer are replaced with the DAS Data Acquisition System and the Dyno software package. 

The Dyno software package

The Dyno software package is user-friendly and offers previously unknown test programs. The main menu of the software package is structured as follows:

  • Menu bar
  • Analog / digital rev counter
  • Analog / digital torque meter
  • Analog / digital power meter
  • XY diagram showing t/min / Nm / kW
  • Throttle valve position
  • Coolant temperature display
  • Brake temperature display

From the main menu, the tests made can easily be recorded. 

Measurement values such as torque, power, revs, throttle valve position, lambda and various temperatures can be shown on the measurement screen in real time. 

DSP DYNO screenshot

After performance of a test, the power and torque curves are automatically displayed in the graphics screen. Then an extended test report of all measurement values can be generated, and in addition all data stored in a database. 

Using the Dyno software package, countless test programs can be run such as:

  • Semi-automatic test
    This test method was developed for dynamometers which have been upgraded with the Dynostar engine test bed upgrade kit, and where the dynamometer is not fitted with its own stability control. The dynamometer in this case can be made stable by manual adjustment of the test bed at the measurement point selected.
  • Automatic test
    This test method offers the option of running fully automated test cycles. Just specify a start and end rotation speed, step size, tolerance and time for which the measurement must be stable! After performing the test, the measurement values are converted into a power and torque curve.
  • Long-term test 
    This test procedure is specially developed for running in engines. By first specifying a rotation speed, throttle valve position and time period, a test routine can be constructed. The long-term test feature allows you to create infinite combinations for testing the engine. At the end of the test, you can view all data via the log file.

The Dyno software package offers the option of reading countless optional sensors such as:

  • Fuel consumption 
    The Dyno software package offers the facility of measuring the specific fuel consumption of an engine. A separate report of measurement values can be printed
  • Energy balance (for educational purposes)
    Using this option, after connecting the required sensors, both the mechanical and the chemical/thermodynamic efficiency of the engine can be determined. The measurement values from this function can be exported to Excel. In addition, a pie chart can be generated from the measurement values. An ideal option for training purposes!
  • Weather station
    The Dyno software package has an integral weather station. The weather station gives the air pressure, temperature and relative humidity in the test environment. These measurement values are used for power correction to DIN standard.
  • Temperature & pressure overview 
    Various external temperature and pressure sensors can be read from the Dyno software package. Here too all measurement values can be displayed in real time and be saved.


Dynostar has an extensive range of accessories to be able to bring your dynamometer into line with your needs and activities. Here are some examples:

  • Single Broadband AFR kit or double broadband AFR kit.  Show the air/fuel ratio in real-time graphically on the chart. A must for tuning and diagnosis!
  • Oil temperature sensor 
  • Intake air temperature sensor
  • Turbo pressure sensor
  • Exhaust gas temperature module / double exhaust gas temperature module
  • Computer trolley
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