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ADS Software


Advanced Dyno Station software 

The beating heart of all Dynostar chassis dynamometers is the Advanced Dyno Station software package. The extensive software package enables you to configure and use your Dynostar roller chassis dynamometer easily and analyse the measured values.

System requirements 

The minimum system requirements for Advanced Dyno Station are:

  • Minimum I3 processor gen 4 preferred I7 
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • Minimum Windows 8 preferred Windows 10
  • Minimum 500 MB available preferred SSD
  • Video card intel HD Graphics 500 or higher Nvidia Geforce GTX210 or higher 
  • RS232 serial port or USB/RS232 converter ES-U-1001

Advanced Dyno Station, fast and clear testing! 

Advanced Dyno Station consists of 3 clear main screens, from which the entire program can be controlled:

  • Database
  • Measuring screen
  • Graphics


This feature allows you to create a database with the history of all your measurements. Vehicles can easily be stored on the basis of marque, type, customer name and test name. Via the database screen, you can select different runs and then compare them using the graphics menu.

Measuring screen:

The measuring screen is the control panel of the Advanced Dyno Station software. All measured values such as engine speed, power (HP), engine torque, vehicle speed and air/fuel ratio, can be read in real time. So you can see directly what happens to the vehicle when you are searching for a problem area. As an option, various temperature sensors can be connected which can also be read in real time. For example, the intake air temperature sensor, exhaust temperature sensor and oil temperature sensor.

Via the measurement screen, you can simulate the road situation in the workshop, taking into account driving, air and rolling resistances. So you can simulate a car driving up a slope, or you can simply apply a continuous load. As well as various automatic test procedures, you can also easily create a “problem area” where the fault occurs, or where you want to investigate manually. Using the remote control, you can set the vehicle to any desired speed or engine speed and then monitor on-screen what is happening.


The graphics menu is the diagnosis tool of the Advanced Dyno Station software package. 

Here you can graphically analyse all stored measurement values. The graphics menu shows the power and torque curves, and the graph of the air/fuel ratio measured. The graphics menu also contains the useful option of adding the transmission pattern.

More settings, but still simple to use

With Advanced Dyno Station, different power measurements can be made such as:

  • Static power measurement
  • Dynamic power measurement: Roll on, Negative test, All gear, Variable transmission, 
    Fast acceleration, Multiple speed

Using the measurement settings, extended adjustments can be made for the test program required. 

Extra sensors 

Advanced Dyno Station has the facility of reading out various external sensors. Using a 
special menu, the settings for these sensors can be adjusted. You can also set the scale for the air/fuel ratio manually here.

Extra features 

A handy extra feature in ADS is the speedometer test. Using this test, you can check the car speedometer.

Weather station 

The Dynostar DAS data acquisition system is fitted with a weather station which can be read using the ADS software. The weather station measures ambient temperature, air pressure and relative humidity, and allows application of the DIN, EEC or SAE correction to the measurement values.

Drive SIM: your tool for emissions testing and long-term testing

The Drive SIM module is available as an option in ADS. This unique program allows simulation of real road conditions. The dynamometer must be fitted with the optional electric motor for this. Using the vehicle parameters, the software can precisely simulate the road conditions. The Drive SIM module is an ideal tool for emissions testing and long-term testing.

ADS Drive Cycle screenshot

Give your “old” dynamometer a new lease of life with Advanced Dyno Station 

Already have a dynamometer which is mechanically OK but has an old control system? Dynostar will give your dynamometer a new lease of life! The Dynostar Advanced Dyno Station software and associated electronics are universally applicable in a Roller Chassis Upgrade Kit. By fitting an “Upgrade Kit” to your existing dynamometer, for a small investment you can bring your "old" dynamometer up to date! Want to know more? Contact our Sales department and ask!

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