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///Dynostar RC3300 - AWD

Dynostar RC3300 - AWD

A classic 4WD dyno that runs smooth, always...

This is the most easy to operate 4x4 dyno we produce at the moment.

Product information 

The Dynostar Model RC3300-AWD is the classic AWD from the Dynostar range of dynamometers. The adjustable wheelbase from 2 meters up to 3.5 meters makes this dynamometer suitable for testing almost every type of car.

The dynamometer is fitted with an air-cooled retarder, in total 3300 Nm, which results in a maximum absorbed power of 620 kW for brief periods and over 260 kW continuously. To guarantee optimum grip, the dynamometer rollers are grooved or optionally treated with tungsten carbide as an anti-slip coating. The Dynostar Model RC3300-AWD works on the rolling road principle. The front and rear rollers are synchronised by means of an impressive drive line. Thanks to this construction, even two-wheel drive vehicles fitted with ABS, ESP or ASR can easily be tested.

RC3300-AWD in final test before delivery.

The Dynostar Model RC3300-AWD has an extensive list of options in both features and accessories.

For professional users, Dynostar offers the option of fitting this dynamometer with a 55kW electric motor and frequency regulator to simulate the drive cycle. To control this type of dynamometer, the familiar DAS Data Acquisition System is used in combination with a PLC system. All controlled by the Advanced Dyno Station software package. The software for the Dynostar Model RC3300-AWD also has a number of interesting add-on modules such as the “drive cycle and drive simulation”. Using this feature, the drive cycle can be simulated optimally. The rolling period can be set vehicle-dependent for optimum simulation of the drive cycle.

The chassis and all related parts are 3D designed, all balanced according specifications and laser aligned. The complete dyno is a Dutch product. Even the electronics and software are designed and produced in-house!

Standard hardware features:

  • DAS Data Acquisition System and PLC system
  • Advanced Dyno Station Software package
  • Junction Box
  • Remote controller
  • Instructions and manual
  • CE marking
  • Emergency brake
  • Straps and floor anchors for immobilizing the car


Standard software features:

  • Static power measurement
  • Dynamic power measurement: Roll on, Negative test, All gear, Variable transmission, Fast acceleration, Multiple speed and Acceleration test
  • Speedometer test
  • Weather station
  • Power correction to DIN, EEC and SAE standard
  • Automatic braking after completing a dynamic test
  • Real time display of engine speed, power, traction and vehicle speed in software
  • Simulation of roller and air resistances for simulating situations on the road
  • Automatic calculation of losses in the drive line and calculation of power at crankshaft


RC3300-AWD DTMobility RC3300-AWD Finland Mercedes Airport Helsinki RC3300-AWD installation in progress


Weight: 5.550 [kg] 12.180 [lbs]
Dimensions (lxwxh): 4.9 x 3.70 x 0.65 [m] 193x158x26 [inch]
Power requirements: 400 [V] 3 phase 25 [A]
Air requirements: 6 [bar]  
Max. speed: 275 [km/h] 170 [mph]
Drum width: 0.7 [m] 27.6 [inch]
Drum diameter: 0.4 [m] 15.7 [inch]
Number of drums: 8  
Min. track: 0.69 [m] 27.6 [inch]
Max. track: 2.1 [m] 82.3 [inch]
Max. axle load: 2000[kg] 4409[lbs]
Min. wheel base: 2.0 [m] 78 [inch]
Max. wheel base: 3.5 [m] 138 [inch]
Total inertia: 64 [kgm2]    
Equivalent vehicle mass: 1608 [kg] 3546 [lbs]
Max. dynamic power: 1000 [kW] 1341 [Hp]
Max. static power cold: 620 [kW] 830 [Hp]
Max. static power continuous: 260 [kW] 345 [Hp]


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